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Eid Al Fitr 2017 – Things to do in UAE

Happy Eid! We are all happy to enjoy a few days off, but the small problem is sometimes trying to decide what to do during the Eid Al Fitr holidays if you have decided to spend it in the UAE and not travel to cooler climates. Yes traffic will be less but malls will be […]

The Sky Is Calling

Clear blue skies, a beautiful breeze and the lush green grass make for a perfect temptation to step out in 2017 for walk or light jog. The holidays have been great with Christmas celebrations and other parties, then the Big Bang, New Year’s, but seriously how bloated and heavy are we feeling right now? It […]

Super Easy Party Bites In Minutes!

Little delicious bites and nibbles are part of the success of any party or gathering, and impressing your guests is also part of the celebrations But convenience is key in our busy lives, so lets forget about hours of rolling and baking in the kitchen in preparation of sophisticated finger food. We have put together […]

Celebrate New Year’s for FREE in Dubai

We ring in the New Year with hope for better tomorrows and although the people we are with the moment the clock strikes 12 is what matters most, we would all like an element of fun reserved especially for that one night of the year where we remove the old and ring in the new. The charisma […]