Eid Al Fitr 2017 – Things to do in UAE


Happy Eid! We are all happy to enjoy a few days off, but the small problem is sometimes trying to decide what to do during the Eid Al Fitr holidays if you have decided to spend it in the UAE and not travel to cooler climates. Yes traffic will be less but malls will be very crowded with people rushing to make the best of Eid promotions across the UAE or visit Dubai from other Emirates, especially those waiting for the amazing electronics deals to buy electronics in Dubai. The humidity may be rising and we know you are trying to escape the busy crush of malls but the UAE is still one of the most beautiful countries full of SO many things to do where you can still have a good time with your family and friends.


Visit the movies and enjoy the latest attractions. Make it a movie with dinner since all theatres offer a delicious selection of food in addition to many popcorn flavors. Calories don’t count, plus some great movies have been released just in time to enjoy your Eid even more, the new Transformers is out!

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi or Wild Wadi Dubai

Fun in the sun with the cooling waters and great food, the perfect Eid combination! Let the little ones enjoy the water and games all day while you chill with a cooling drink or great cup of coffee. Or better yet, join in


Spend the day at the beach at JBR with family, the kids can enjoy the little water toys for children. Then visit the restaurants for a great meal and an even better dessert. The choices available really are mouthwatering!


Visit the beach with your friends or family after 4pm when the sun is not as harmful and the weather begins to get cooler. Search for beaches that allow bbq’s if you’re in the mood of firing up the grill.

Watch the fireworks

Watch the Eid Al Fitr fireworks across the UAE, at Dubai Festival City in Dubai at 11pm on the second day of Eid, Yas Island in Abu Dhabi at 9pm on the first day of Eid, and Al Qasba in Sharjah at 10pm on the first day of Eid.

Tag, you’re it

Laser tag has loads of fun available for the family within a very large space to run and hide. Laser Tag is located at the Oasis Centre.

City Walk

The perfect place for family to enjoy a movie and meal. Great ambience, perfect choice of restaurants and the hot walk between buildings is accompanied by a beautiful light display.

Box Park

A funky concept of stores and restaurants and cafes to suit every taste. Perfect to visit in the evening.

Theme Parks

Dubai: Dubai Parks and resorts, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Modhesh World, Bollywood Parks, Dubai Dolphinarium, Kidzania, Hub Zero, Fabyland, Legoland Dubai, Wonderland UAE.
Abu Dhabi: Ferrari World

Super Easy Party Bites In Minutes!

Little delicious bites and nibbles are part of the success of any party or gathering, and impressing your guests is also part of the celebrations

But convenience is key in our busy lives, so lets forget about hours of rolling and baking in the kitchen in preparation of sophisticated finger food. We have put together for you THE most delicious 12 canapé recipes that are both stylish, healthy, delicious and extremely easy to prepare to perfect your New Year’s gathering.

1. Beetroot Hummus Dip


2 medium sized beets, washed, scrubbed and roasted with the tops cut off. Peel and chop beets and place in food processor or blender with a can of boiled and drained chickpeas (450 grams), 2 tablespoons of tahini (sesame paste), 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, ½ teaspoon of salt, 2 garlic cloves roughly chopped and blend until smooth. Drizzle with olive for more flavor.

2. Good old classic guacamole


Peel and mash 3 or 4 medium sized ripe avocados, add 1 finely chopped firm tomato, about ¼ cup of scallions (spring onions) or white onion, a ½ cup of chopped cilantro, 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon or lime juice. Salt, pepper and chopped chilies are optional.

3. Roasted Sweet Potato Avocado Bites


Chop 2 medium sweet potatoes into circular pieces, then add some salt, 1.5 tablespoons of olive oil, ½ a teaspoon of smoked sweet paprika (optional), and some freshly ground black pepper in a bowl and toss to coat evenly. Place in oven in a single layer and bake for 15 minutes at about 200C. mash one large avocado in a bowl, add some salt, lime juice and top the sweet potato slices when cooled, add a slice of tomato and some scallions (spring onions).

4. Cheeseboard/Platter


There are no wrong choices when it comes to cheese. Place any types of cheeses, cheddar, camembert, Roquefort etc with olives, crackers and slices of bread, and enjoy!

5. Baked sweet potato fries


Preheat your oven to 200C and scrub the sweet potatoes well under running water without peeling them. Cut into large wedges, place in bowl with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt, black pepper and ½ a teaspoon of sweet smoked paprika. Place in single layer on a baking tray and bake between 30 to 40 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with dipping sauce of your choice.

6. Spinach Cheese Dip


Heat a tablespoon of butter and add 1 medium chopped onion (optional) and sauté until soft then add chopped fresh or frozen spinach (about 3 cups) fold in one cup of cream cheese and add a dash of salt and white pepper. Serve hot or cold, it’s still delicious spread over crackers or crunchy slices of bread.

7. Watermelon Feta Mint Skewers


Cut the watermelon into bite sized squares, do the same with the feta cheese, place in skewer with mint leaf in between.

8. Smoked Salon, Cream cheese


Slice bread (you can toast it if you prefer a crunch), spread cream cheese, top with smoked salmon and add topping of choice, dill and capers are the classic toppings.

9. Cucumber bites with hummus


Cut large cucumbers into round slices, top with hummus, a slice of cherry tomato and sprinkle with chopped parsley and crumbled feta cheese.

10. Chicken Caesar bruschetta


Slice the baguette and toast if you prefer, mix chopped cooked chicken with Caesar dressing and fresh ground black pepper, place on baguette slices and top with shaved parmesan cheese.

11. Tomato mozzarella Skewers


Place cherry tomato, basil leaf in skewer/toothpick. Serve as it, or drizzle with pesto or a balsamic vinegar olive oil mix.

12. Sausage puff rolls


Chop sausage, or use mini sausages, then wrap in puff pastry and bake until golden brown. Serve with dipping choice of sauce.

Celebrate New Year’s for FREE in Dubai


We ring in the New Year with hope for better tomorrows and although the people we are with the moment the clock strikes 12 is what matters most, we would all like an element of fun reserved especially for that one night of the year where we remove the old and ring in the new.

The charisma and glitz of Dubai will always be appealing but the New Year brings its own sets of hassles with it in terms of location, cost of festivities, and not to mention all that traffic with the closed roads and people rushing to the best areas to watch the fireworks.

You might not be on a budget but for many, spending high amounts for one night’s celebrations is unjustifiable, so we’ve put together a list for you of the best areas and activities in Dubai to celebrate for FREE!

So you’ve chosen to watch the live online fireworks stream at www.mydubainewyear.com and here’s how you can spend a fantastic night with great company at almost no cost.

House Party

A favorite amongst friends is gathering together at one house with food and drinks and enjoy the party with good company. The proof is in all the fun and laughter of those Facebook and Instagram images the day after. Just be sure you have an alcohol license if alcohol is involved. And if you’re lucky, one of your friends owns a yacht and you can take your celebrations to the water!

Al Qudra Lakeschoco

Celebrate under the stars away from the lights of the city by camping overnight or just gathering at Al Qudra lakes. Located only 40 minutes away from the main city, the solid and flat ground is perfect for setting up a tent, mat and chairs. The area is quiet, pet friendly, and beautiful with the lakes winding between the dunes, making the sunset and sunrise even more special, and the dunes offer great off-roading for the brave.

The roads are great for cars with no 4wd but stay off the sides where the sand is thicker. The night is chilly so bring along enough warm clothes and blankets and firewood for a bonfire. There are also firewood vendors at the roundabouts before Al Qudra selling 15kg of wood for about AED50. So gather your friends and family, bring your own bbq supplies, plenty of warm clothes, but remember to clean up after! View the location here

Beach picnic and BBQ

Pack your beach mat, sweater, snacks and head down to one of the public beaches in Dubai
and take in all the electric energy of thousands of people celebrating the New Year with a screaming massive countdown.

Jumeirah Public Beach: This free beach does not allow barbequing but includes several food venders and even bathrooms, making it the perfect location for a New Year’s picnic.View the location here

Kite Beach: Located in Jumeirah 3, it is an excellent spot for beach activities such as volleyball, badminton and football with some food trucks. Barbeques are not allowed but picnics are okay, and access is free.View the location here

Sunset Beach (Umm Suqeim Beach): This free beach has beautiful views of Burj Al Arab making it the perfect backdrop for selfies and fireworks videos! The spot is perfect for picnics and family gatherings, but note that barbequing is not allowed.View the location here

Global village

This one’s not exactly free but will cost you only AED 15! This year Global Village has promised us musical fireworks and we are so excited! With lots to see, many food vendors to choose from and exciting fireworks and concerts, Global Village is the perfect New Year’s spot for the family or friends.View the location here

Picnic at the park

Pack your BBQ and picnic basket and head down to the most popular parks for a great New Year’s Eve family and friends gathering, just note that some parks don’t allow barbequing.

Al Barsha Pond Park, Al Barsha 2: A quiet and quiet park in A
l Barsha with a beautiful pond. Barbequing not allowed.View the location here

Al Mamzar Beach Park, Deira: This hidden gem combines beaches and beautiful greenery making it the perfect location to spend the whole day with family and friends, whether swimming, playing football or having a picnic. There is a designated bbq area inclusive of grills, tables and chairs.View the location here

Creekside Park, Bur Dubai: Located in Bur Dubai alongside the Creek, this paparkrk has some spectacular views of Dubai.The area is perfect for family gatherings with certain spots reserved for barbequing, in addition to other facilities such as bike rentals, mini golf, cable cars and swings and the educational adventure park for children, Children’s City.View the location here

Mushrif Park, Al Khawanij: Located near Uptown Mirdif and Khawaneej, Mushrif park is the largest park in the city, complete with many facilities such as barbecue areas, swimming pools, volleyball and basketball handball courts in addition to a cycle track, playgrounds and even a camel riding and equestrian center.View the location here

Zabeel Park, Sheikh Zayed Road: Divided into 2 sections, Zabeel Park is located at the end of the Creek of Sheikh Zayed Road and connected by a pedestrian bridge. The park is complete with covered areas for barbeques, an area to hire boats for the lake, a children’s play zone, large grassy stretches and a bicycle track.View the location here