The Sky Is Calling


Clear blue skies, a beautiful breeze and the lush green grass make for a perfect temptation to step out in 2017 for walk or light jog.

The holidays have been great with Christmas celebrations and other parties, then the Big Bang, New Year’s, but seriously how bloated and heavy are we feeling right now?

It is time to detox, eat lighter and incorporate more exercise into our 2017, all while taking advantage of this beautiful weather.

The misconception of Jumeirah Lakes Towers for many are the rows and rows of skyscrapers, but a hidden haven lies between the O, P and Q Clusters, the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park.

Once a lake and now a free open air green area, the park 24 hours away it is the perfect spot for early risers and late night visitors who wish to walk, jog, read or take their children out to the playground and swings area. Those seeking more cardio can choose to run on the running track or head to the basketball court for a nice game of ball in the evenings of weekends. We’ve heard that the court is free but can be booked for a fee.

Residents of Marina and JLT are used to walking because different conveniently located stores are available in different buildings and/or clusters and the park is more accessible for residents in the Marina and JBR areas since it is close to the main road and they can use the metro and metro bridge.

Enjoy that workout and follow it by a stretch on the grass, and bring the family to have a picnic on the grassy area in the weekends, and be sure not to miss the Dubai Flea Market taking place on January 20 from 1 pm to 5 pm! So bring along your tutu skirts and knickknacks and find your loved pieces a new home.